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Running a fresh approach for Drench

Drench is one of 3 home retail companies owned and operated by Beyond Retail (we also work with sister company, Tap Warehouse), with Drench selling luxury bathrooms with products from full bathroom sets to smaller products and niche bathroom accessories – think Bluetooth mirrors and the like. For a luxury retailer, Drench is still very personable and a lot of their brand is the company aesthetic and how customers introduce Drench products into their homes.

At a glance:

increase in organic revenue YoY


jump in organic visibility YoY


lift in organic traffic YoY

The Brief:

Drench had suffered after Google’s Birthday Update with a large drop in visibility (-38%), followed by hits to traffic and revenue.

This indicated there was a problem with the site itself, as it was built on a bad platform and Drench were looking for help and guidance on how to improve the site and regain authority.

The client wanted expert help and support with what to do and how to do it, so our main goal has been reversing any negative effects, implementing new Technical, Content and Digital PR tactics, and we’ve seen vast improvements this year since January’s algorithm update.

Our Approach:

  • There was limited access to the platform Drench sits on, so the first step to improving the site’s technical ability was looking at all issues within a Tech Audit, then analysing where we could actively make changes that would be most beneficial, such as optimising the navigation, improving off and onsite content, duplicate content, etc.
  • Onsite content was there and well-written for the brand and customer, but very mixed and inconsistent. We put plans in place for priority categories and products to help rebuild the authority and quality of content, taking out keyword stuffing, implementing internal links and optimising for priority keywords to boost long-tail keywords and help the site perform well through recent Google Algorithm updates.
  • Link-building to help boost Authority: Competitor link profiles are largely just product-based and Drench had never done content marketing before, so we introduced campaigns to target new publications and audiences.
  • Targeted high search volume keywords that would produce large returns, where Drench was ranking for but not as high as they could be to put them ahead of competitors as most terms are competitive, broad terms. There has been a 54% increase in keywords ranking in the top 10 positions YoY.

Campaign highlights:


linking domains


average domain authority


new average ranking (started at 32)

“We teamed up with Evolved Search to reverse a severe dip in organic visibility and revenue, and they have not let us down. Their work has helped us tackle a mountain of technical problems, they’ve created interesting and effective content, and smashed revenue goals month after month.

We simply couldn’t have done it without Evolved’s vast breadth and depth of SEO expertise. Their approach is performance-driven, detail-oriented, and collaborative — they actually live up to the “extension of the team” cliché, and not many agencies do.

Working with Evolved Search has not only been a success, it’s been a pleasure.”

Frode Myklebust Head of eCommerce
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