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Plumping up Paid performance for Mattress Online

Mattress Online are masters in the world of sleep and a leading retailer for all things mattresses, specialist support, pillows and more. We’ve worked with the brand since 2017 on SEO and took on their Paid Search campaign in 2019 to improve performance and bolster spend, with the vision of becoming a market leader in their industry.

There was a full strategy and account rebuild required, starting with understanding the overall business objectives and targets to ensure the PPC strategy aligned with the client’s goals.

At a glance:

increase in users YoY


lift in revenue YoY



Awards we've won with Mattress Online

The Brief:

Mattress Online enlisted our help to maintain and propel performance from Paid Search after a few bad experiences with other agencies. Their aim was to ensure there was consistent year-on-year growth, reduced wasted spend, and in turn, improve ROI. They also tasked us with minimising the effect of COVID-19 on the business during 2020.

The budget for the 12-month period has gradually grown with a set management fee. Within the set fee, our focus was 100% on generating the most value to the client, rather than a performance-based deal or working with our own best interests in mind like some agencies and their campaigns.

The Evolved Approach:

There was a full strategy and account rebuild required, starting with understanding the overall business objectives and targets to ensure the PPC strategy aligned with the client’s goals.

We recommended and agreed to refocus the primary KPIs, introducing Cost of Sale as the primary focus, with ROI secondary which increased efficiencies.

We focused our efforts on improving and maintaining profitability, whilst increasing market share. The key here was to understand product performance and margins to maximise budgets, so we introduced quarterly strategy reviews to understand changes at the business and highlight where we are, where we can improve, and what the overall landscape of opportunity looks like for growth, to deliver a truly collaborative campaign.

This approach turned out to be crucial as the Covid-19 pandemic started to impact businesses and we had to react to these changes. We delivered research into market trends during COVID-19 to seize timely opportunities and increased our level of communication with the client to understand the supply-and-demand chains they were dealing with.

Implementation and actions included:

  • Enhanced and improved relevance between keywords, ads, and landing pages to improve Quality Score, user relevancy, and ultimately, sales.
  • Analysed Call-to-Actions being utilised by most competitors and introduced a more unique approach to help set our messaging apart.
  • Increased ROAS and implemented ad customisers via scripts to automatically include real-time prices of products on-site in copy.
  • Reviewed and optimised all Ads & Ad Extensions.
  •  Liaised with the Google teams to produce monthly keyword trend reports and inform decisions within the account as the market behaviour shifted over time.
  • Introduced YouTube advertising to coincide with the launch of their new TV ads.
  • Incorporated client data to fuel demographic targeting choices within the account

Campaign Highlights:


increase in conversion rate YoY


lift in AOV


increase in transactions

“Our PPC efforts had been stagnant for a while and we’d begun to lose faith in the channel, however, the fresh view taken by Evolved Search and the complete reinvention of our approach has meant we’re in a completely different place now.

The results we’re achieving from PPC are fantastic, with huge gains across our KPIs, a dramatic increase in YoY performance, improved ROI and a consistently imaginative approach to service delivery by the team.

They truly understand our market and always bring exciting ideas to the table. We look forward to this channel growing further and continuing to deliver outstanding results for Mattress Online.”

Steve Adams CEO
Mattress Online (Paid Search)
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