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It’s halfway through 2020 and already, thousands of businesses are way behind on their revenue targets due to COVID-19. Budgets have been quashed and investment in some channels may be at a low, but we’ve built a bit of a reputation for helping our clients to recover tricky situations, from economic downturn to penalties to yes, now a pandemic.

We’ve helped many clients turn the tide on poor performance, getting the fundamentals in place to ensure sites are technically sound and making the most of existing traffic through CRO, along with thought-leading Content Marketing and brand-building Digital PR.

The result? Opportunities seized, sustainable growth, objectives achieved and ongoing digital brand-building guaranteed.

Scroll on to discover our Performance Recovery SEO service.

What we do:

What we do:

We deliver industry-leading Search Marketing services to a range of businesses, with particular expertise in the Automotive, Retail/eCommerce and Financial Services sectors. Clients come to Evolved Search because they want to boost traffic, improve visibility and most importantly, grow revenue. But what if things aren’t so rosy and survival is the main objective? We can also help with that.

Some of our now long-standing successful clients were initially struggling when they came to us and we’ve helped put things right with a data-driven, customer-focused and creative approach.

During times like these, protecting your space in Search is ever-more important and being visible to prospective buyers is now a matter of business survival. With a reduction in people visiting bricks-and-mortar locations to buy and engage with brands, getting search marketing right has never been as important.

We strive to make the most of existing traffic through CRO, as well as seizing imminent opportunities through improved technical SEO capabilities, inspiring and engaging content marketing and digital PR and intelligent use of Paid Search where it’s needed.

How we do it:

Strategy before tactics
Adapt, create, perform
Work with certified digital pros
Dedicated account management
Benchmarking, reporting & accountability

Strategy before tactics

Don’t get us wrong, we deliver our fair share of quick-wins for our clients so immediate opportunities can be taken advantage of, but we’re a strategy-focused agency and want to help our clients get things right from the start to ensure the best chances of growing and going the distance over time.

We call our method the “6 Ps”, as we dive into your Profile, Position, Personas, Potential, Planning and Performing to create a strategy that’s as unique as your business and designed to tackle the challenges you may currently be facing.

From that point, service recommendations will be aligned with the end goal, whatever that may be, and we’ll ensure that every pound spent on your digital marketing efforts are accounted for and correctly attributed.

Adapt, create, perform

During times of uncertainty and downturn, the “same old” approach just isn’t going to cut it.

Part of our strategic approach looks at the position and proposition of the business, and we’re adept in helping our clients to better communicate that online, not just via search rankings, but through smarter paid ads, inspiring content and outreach, and making the most of your existing real estate – your website – to improve conversions from existing traffic.

In short, we’ll help you to adapt, create and perform.

Work with certified digital pros

You may have seen we’ve won a few awards for our work during our time in the business, but the best and biggest asset we have is our expert team. They’re the people who make outstanding campaigns happen, who work with clients to smash goals and who are at the other end of the phone (or right now, a Zoom call!) to get the job done.

We invest heavily in skills development for our team, whether that be certifications, industry events and conferences or professional training, so clients are assured they’re working with people who are always learning, developing and staying on top of the Search industry.

After all, we want our clients to have the best people onside, especially during challenging circumstances, when their own marketing/digital resource may be overstretched or non-existent.

Dedicated account management

We have a knowledgeable and motivated Account Management team that oversees all of our client campaigns and are the regular touchpoint for reports, calls, meetings and performance reviews.

Our AMs are the ultimate taskmasters and personable professionals who work hard behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly and client satisfaction remains high. Put simply, they keep the campaign cogs turning.

Thanks to our low staff turnover, clients benefit from long-term working relationships with their Account Manager – someone who really understands where they’ve been and where they’re going – which helps a lot as we work together to achieve growth targets and aim to better what’s been done before.

Benchmarking, reporting & accountability

As you may have gathered by this point, everything boils down to Strategy for us. Getting it right from the start is important, but equally as crucial is regular benchmarking, reporting and reviewing. This helps us keep things fresh and ensure our clients are benefiting with short-term wins as well as long-term success, and ensures campaigns are always relevant.

We’re accountable for the work we do and the results it delivers and we’re accountable to helping our clients succeed, no matter what external factors may throw at your business over time.

Through frequent communication and monthly reporting, we’ll keep you updated on the metrics that matter and make sure all stakeholders are on the same page.

Why Evolved Search?

We’re an ambitious agency packed with skilled and tenacious digital professionals, perfecting the art of Search Marketing. When it comes to our service offering, we’re “all in” on Search, with each component/tactic playing a key role in a long-term strategy to grow search performance and maximise revenue.

During our 6 years in business, we’ve helped clients to reverse poor performance, prevent redundancies, hire new people, grow returns, get promoted, win awards and keep on growing. We reckon this is why we’ve been able to enjoy such lengthy partnerships with our clients, we’re as much a part of their success as they are ours.

We’re an agency trying to do things differently and provide, quite simply, an evolved approach to search.

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The proof is in the results we deliver:


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