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We’ve provided a Search-focused service to ambitious brands since 2014, combining Technical excellence with creative Content Marketing, a super-well-connected Digital PR offering and targeted results through astute Paid Marketing.

Over our time in the industry, we’ve added a few strings to our bow and a team of talented and experienced specialists, but our guiding purpose remains the same: ensuring our client’s visibility, engagement and above all, their return on investment.

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Our approach

Let’s be real. There’s no point in pumping money into digital marketing without a clear strategy and view of what you’re trying to achieve. Our overarching approach to Search is all about strategy, so before we get to work on making those crucial results happen, we get the foundations in place.

Our 6 Ps process is ever-evolving, so we keep a check on things as time goes on to ensure our clients are evolving and achieving what they need to succeed.



We take a run-and-jump into your brand and its current setup, performance, the industry it operates within and ongoing marketing activity, really getting to know who you are and what your business is all about.



Next up, it’s all about your brand’s online Positioning. Where do you sit in your market? What are your competitors doing, saying and achieving? What short-term and long-term missed opportunities are there for the taking?



If you’re going to sell online, you need to be selling to the right people. We’ll identify and refine target Personas, discover what makes your customers click, the problems you solve and how to keep them onside in the long-run.



Let’s talk figures. At this stage of the journey, we’ll be delivering forecasts and stretch targets based on the budget, showing the Potential your brand has by utilising Search Marketing and all its components intelligently.



Once performance metrics are outlined, we’ll get the planning underway. This comprises an initial quarterly plan to tackle the most important performance-inhibitors and start building momentum, along with clear budget allocation and channel plans.



That’s what you came for, right? We’re talking results, return on investment, a test-and-adapt approach to continued success and clear, matter-of-fact reporting, so you can see what we’ve been doing for your brand online.

Our process is an ever-improving cycle.

There is no finish line. So many of our clients have been with us for years on years because we help them constantly improve. What could be better than beating yourself at something you were already acing? Well, beating your competitors, too, but as we’ve said, we also help you with that.

We keep going, keep evolving and keep driving performance through revisiting these 6 Ps over time.

This is how we do it:

Technical SEO
Content Marketing
Digital PR & Outreach
Paid Marketing
CRO/User Experience
Data & Reporting
Client Services


As Search professionals, fanatics and on occasions; nerds, a robust strategy is what we get out of bed for. When we went “all in” on Search Marketing, we did so because we believed it’s the strategic approach to service delivery that delivers real, measurable, money-in-the-bank performance.  That’s why, as explained above, before we get to work on campaign rollout, we go through our 6 Ps process with every client that comes through the door.

Our strategists are seasoned Search Marketing professionals with years of experience in the art of driving search performance. They’ll take you on a journey you won’t want to miss out on.

As that age-old quote says so perfectly: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.”  Basically, in our world, Strategy is non-negotiable.

Technical SEO

Google – and indeed all search engines – like sites that work properly. Doesn’t sound like a lot to ask, but you’d be surprised. They don’t like to send users to sites with technical issues that give them a headache when completing whatever they want to achieve, or those who aren’t making the most of their online real estate. These things hinder rankings, performance and in effect, your bottom line.

As search specialists and fanatics, Technical SEO is our bread and butter. We help clients adapt their sites to achieve technical excellence, create content that helps users get what they want when they hit search and ultimately, grow performance through simply having a site that does what it’s supposed to.

We won’t bombard you with jargon or half-answers, our Technical SEO team members will just get to work on making your site a nice, well-functioning place for customers to be, so the money you invest into getting people there is well-spent.

Content Marketing

Words are what feed the search engines and it just so happens that we love content marketing. We help our clients to achieve maximum brand reach and regularly land coverage across online publications that their actual customers are actually reading, because we produce fantastic, unique, inspiring and thought-leading creative content.

Our strategy process informs a lot of our approach to content marketing, so by using data effectively, we’ll build a clear content plan and get to work on producing great pieces that serve their purpose.

Content Marketing is perfect for building relevancy, trust and authority, but you’ll want to work with a specialist partner that really knows how to deliver it.

Hint: That’s us! 👀

Digital PR & Outreach

Digital PR is a fundamental tactic of a robust SEO strategy and key to helping brands build visibility, awareness, trust and relevancy online. It’s an essential component of our approach to SEO and Content amplification.

We regularly get our clients featured in top tier publications including the Daily Mail, Independent, The Sun, Metro, Cosmopolitan, New York Post, Glamour, Evening Standard, Business Insider, Yahoo, The Telegraph, HuffPost, Mashable and many, many more.

Our team of well-connected Digital PR specialists have long-standing relationships with journalists and know what makes a great story, so their ability to achieving coverage, backlinks and brand mentions online is pretty hard to beat.

Their multi-pronged approach to getting results helps them to newsjack, get our content pieces and client data in front of the right people and most importantly, secure the significant results you can humble-brag on LinkedIn about.

Paid Marketing

If you’re looking to drive consistent and relevant traffic to your site – fast – then Paid Marketing is an ideal channel to deliver targeted messaging to an engaged audience.

Whilst this channel is available to all, success in such a competitive space requires a combination of great creative, commercial awareness and a solid grasp of the changing landscape. Done right, it can quickly build brand awareness and increase traffic, conversions and ROI. Done wrong, it’s a very expensive headache.

As with all Evolved Search services, data is the backbone of each campaign we deliver for clients.  Whether you’re new to PPC or are suffering from flailing campaigns, our bespoke approach can help your business to thrive on the Paid Search stage.

Oh, and we’re Google Premier Partners, an important cred for any self-respecting Paid Marketing agency to have.

CRO/User Experience

We help clients drive more sales from existing traffic and increase their ROI from money spent on attracting customers. Conversion Rate Optimisation is the perfect partner for companies growing their online audiences who want to maximise the impact of this on their bottom line.

Deciphering data can be confusing. It’s often one of the causes of project politics and any misinterpretation can lead to harmful decision-making. These decisions can dismantle revenue-making websites overnight.

Data-driven strategies are at the core of the CRO service offering and we use our know-how to take the guesswork out of what’s holding your users back from converting to successfully drive traffic and sales to your website – guaranteeing a positive return on investment.

Data & Reporting

As professionals who like to know we’re doing the job properly and always moving in the right direction, the use of Data and Reporting is a crucial aspect of our approach to Search Marketing. We are always accountable and provide our clients with monthly reporting and insights that help review where we’ve been and the direction we’re headed.

On top of this monthly visibility, we also provide quarterly plans and campaign dashboards, allowing for full transparency and clarity on activity.

We like to have regular face time with our clients (well – in a COVID-free world, anyway) so reporting usually comes with meeting plans or scheduled calls to actively review what’s what.

Client Services

Some agencies are big into saying they don’t have a Client Services function because you work directly with the experts. We’re not that agency.

Of course, you work directly with the experts on a daily basis, but our Client Services people are always on your side and they’re experts, too.

When we started Evolved Search 6 years ago there was no Client Services function and – when we finally introduced this a few years back – we couldn’t believe we’d worked for so long without it. They ensure campaigns run smoothly, they compile monthly reports, they keep in touch with you frequently, they take you out for nice lunches and they buy you Christmas presents.

Most importantly, though, they’re doggedly-determined to drive results and they keep the rest of us in check to maintain a cohesive approach to service delivery.

“The SEO campaign has delivered phenomenal results and played a major role in accelerating the growth of our business.

We’ve effectively come from nowhere on the large generic keywords in our industry and we’re now way  ahead of all of our competitors and continuing to grow.”

Mark Tongue Managing Director
Select Car Leasing

“We teamed up with Evolved Search to reverse a severe dip in organic visibility and revenue, and they have not let us down. Their work has helped us tackle a mountain of technical problems, they’ve created interesting and effective content, and smashed revenue goals month after month.

We simply couldn’t have done it without Evolved’s vast breadth and depth of SEO expertise. Their approach is performance-driven, detail-oriented, and collaborative — they actually live up to the “extension of the team” cliché, and not many agencies do.

Working with Evolved Search has not only been a success, it’s been a pleasure.”

Frode Myklebust Head of eCommerce
Tap Warehouse

“Choosing a digital marketing agency is one of the most challenging decisions for any e-commerce company. After receiving tenders from 4 agencies we decided to work with Evolved and are very pleased we did.

Our SEO activities have seen our organic presence continually increase every month since we started work in spring 2017. Evolved are a great team to work with, they cut right to the chase and are practical and pragmatic. Very happy to recommend.”

Steve Adams Managing Director
Mattress Online
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