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What it's like to work at Evolved Search:

Our founders and senior leadership team have all spent many years in other agencies and when building Evolved Search, decided they wanted to run an agency that placed equal importance on the quality of work delivered with the quality of life enjoyed by every team member. Sounds clichéd, perhaps, but that’s just how we operate.

We place a lot of resource into upskilling our team, letting them enjoy new experiences like company trips abroad, conferences and awards, as well as day-to-day perks that make the daily grind a little sweeter.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Check out our staff testimonials… ➡️

“I’ve never worked somewhere that holds such a high importance on employee wellbeing as Evolved Search does.

I’m lucky to work with ambitious, skilled and innovative people and I feel valued in all aspects of working there.”

Beth Watson
Beth Watson Digital PR Consultant
Joined Mar 2020

“It’s refreshing to work for a company that genuinely puts people first and operates in a flexible, collaborative and supportive way.

A real friendly and creative culture runs throughout Evolved and that really is a rare thing!”

Ryan McElderry
Ryan McElderry Head of Design
Joined Jan 2019

“It’s great to be surrounded by such passionate colleagues that work together so well and celebrate the success of individuals, teams and projects.

Senior management are also very transparent and genuinely care about the team.”

Ami Littlefair
Ami Littlefair Digital Graphic Designer
Joined Mar 2020

“From my first day at Evolved Search, I knew I’d made the right decision in joining them.

Every day is different, with exciting client campaigns to manage, challenges that help us all grow as individuals and as a business, plus a relaxed, open culture where everyone’s voice is heard.  I feel really lucky to be part of a company doing such great things.”

Danielle Jones
Danielle Jones Senior Account Manager
Joined Apr 2019

“Flexible working hours, a laid back culture and a great group of people make it almost not feel like work!”

Dan Davies
Dan Davies Technical SEO Consultant
Joined Nov 2017

“Evolved Search is an ambitious, fast-paced company with a relaxed, fun-loving atmosphere.

We’re doing some great things in the industry and it’s not hard to see why when team members are so supported and empowered.

I love coming to work every day and genuinely feel valued as a person and an employee.”

Jordan Frazer
Jordan Frazer Senior Sales Consultant
Joined Jan 2020

“I’ve never worked at a place that values the team as much as Evolved does. There’s not one person I wouldn’t go to for help – I can count on them all.

Plus, they are always up for lunch at the pub on a Friday afternoon…”

Lauren Green
Lauren Green Content Marketing Consultant
Joined Dec 2018

“I joined Evolved Search pretty much fresh from University and haven’t looked back.

It’s a supportive, exciting and rewarding place to work and I’ve been offered fantastic opportunities, including a recent promotion!”

Bekki Ramsay
Bekki Ramsay Digital PR Consultant
Joined Jan 2018

“Working at Evolved has been the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve seen us grow and learn as a team and there’s a shared sense of pride in how we work and the campaigns that we work on.

I feel like everyone’s contribution is  valued and we’re treated like human beings (with all our ups and downs), not robots.”

Danielle Pegg-Mowbray
Danielle Pegg-Mowbray Content Marketing Lead
Joined Jul 2016

“One of the best bits about working here is how the Senior Leadership team aren’t shy about their commitment to employee happiness  – which stands out against most agencies!

By caring about us, our wellbeing and how we can develop and enjoy our roles, we, in turn, care more about the work we do and it shows when you look at some of the incredible work coming out of the agency.”

Lou Crane
Lou Crane Digital PR Lead
Joined Jul 2018

“Working at Evolved is hard work but rewarding. Being surrounded by teams of really knowledgeable and experienced experts in each department is a strong motivation to excel and push yourself.

The culture is very friendly down to a relaxed office setting and a number of company perks such as flexible working, social calendar, remote working & Friday drinks, which make it a great place to work!”

James Brown
James Brown Senior Technical SEO Consultant
Joined Dec 2017

“Evolved Search is a fantastic place to work and I’ve learnt and grown so much in the (almost) two years I’ve been part of the agency.

Everyone in the team really recognises and respects each other, which makes you feel really valued.”

Lydia Booth
Lydia Booth Content Marketing Consultant
Joined Jul 2018

“I’ve worked my way up the ladder in a few local agencies and working at Evolved Search has shown me what it’s like to work for a genuinely conscientious and caring organisation – it’s not just lip service.

I love it!”

Hayley Fell
Hayley Fell Head of Client Services
Joined Oct 2018

As part of the Evolved Search team, I’ve never had a dull day at the office – there’s always been plenty of variety in the campaigns I’ve worked on and lots of opportunities to challenge myself and progress my career.

In my experience there aren’t many workplaces that value their staff as highly, offer the same level of flexibility and trust people to manage their own time as completely. This, plus the strong social links between the team and amazing group getaways (Amsterdam for a Christmas party? Yes please.) create a fantastic culture you’d struggle to find elsewhere.

John Patterson
John Patterson Content Marketing Lead
Joined Jul 2017

“One word to describe Evolved? Genuine.

A 100% transparent company which offers the work life that people actually want, including flexibility, balance, support, growth and lots of laughs, too.”

Lucy Dodds
Lucy Dodds Content Marketing Consultant
Joined Jan 2019
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